Friday Night Sports Hero: Micah Swedberg

WALLACE, Neb. (KNOP) - Micah Swedberg is a three-sport athlete at Wallace high school, he played quarterback for the football team, point guard for the basketball team, and participates in three events for the track & field team.

Swedberg has had success early in the season, and attributes some of that success to already being in shape thanks to basketball season.

"We did a lot of conditioning in basketball. I had to do a lot of running, so that's really helped me for the beginning of the track season, helping me get in shape," Swedberg said.

Swedberg has had a hot start to the season despite being unable to have a consistent practice schedule. Between cold, rain, and snow, the Wildcats have not been able to practice outside a lot this season, and Swedberg's coach believes as the weather gets nicer, he will continue to improve.

"I think he's going to do much better. Our track season, the weather hasn't been exactly fair this year, we've had snow and rain, indoors, outdoors, we've been working our best to get there and he's been doing great with the limited amount of practices that we've had," said Danielle Snider, the Wallace head coach.

Being a senior on the team, Swedberg has stepped into more of a leadership role with his teammates.

"This year you can definitely tell he's trying to be a leader on the track team," Snider said, "He'll lead the kids, and he'll take kids under his wing in some events and give them tips and clues on how they can be better in those areas."

What makes Swedberg so successful is the hard work he puts in every day.

"To be competitive and keep getting better you've got to push yourself, you can't just float along the way. He works so hard every single day. He always pushes himself." Snider said.

"You've got to come out and do a lot of hard work, the harder you work here at practice, the easier it is at track meets, and then the more fun you get to have at track meets," Swedberg said.

If he had to choose which sports is his favorite to play, Swedberg would pick basketball. "I grew up with four brother and a sister and we've always loved basketball, we had a nice little dirt basketball court out back. Sometimes it would get a little physical but it was always fun because it would always make me prepared for basketball here," he said.

On top of the three sports he plays, Swedberg is also involved in FFA, National Honors Society, student council, band, and chorus. When asked how he manages his time, Swedberg admitted he is not the best at time management, but when he is working on something, he focuses all his attention on it before moving on to something else.

Swedberg can be seen at practice laughing and joking around with his teammates. Sinder says he is always able to inject humor into practices. "He always has something funny to say every day. He has a sound effect for everything that he does, it doesn't matter what he's doing," she said.

Swedberg attributes his athletic success to his faith and the support of his family.

"I've grown up in a Christian home, so I've always been a believer in God. He put me in a very special place, I know that I wouldn't have any of this if it weren't for Him, and also my great family that's put me into this spot where I can push myself and try to push others," Swedberg said.