Friday Night Sports Hero: Padyn Borders

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Broken Bow, NEB -- (KNOP) The Broken Bow Indians are having one of the best seasons in team history and the floor general Padyn Borders has been instrumental in their success.

The Indians are fresh off a win in the conference championship game out at NPCC and are in the midst of a culture change for the program. Just in the last two seasons under head coach Nate Olson the Indians have compiled 36 wins to just nine losses and Borders has been instrumental in the change.

If you have ever been to a Broken Bow game it's fairly easy to notice his strengths on the court. He has supreme handles, a high basketball IQ, quick, precise moves and an uncanny ability to finish at the rim as well as stretch the floor if you give him an open look. But to be a strong point guard one must also possess leadership, which shows up for Borders on and off the court as he prepares the next generation of Indians.

"Oh it's great because I like playing around and getting those little kids going you know they are all hype, I love it, I love it. They are all smiling, but it's good to see because that's what we did when we were younger. Just to see them work I know starting young this is where they could be and we just want to set an example," Borders said.

"He is part of the community, well respected in the community and he has a great family as well. He is one of our leaders on the team and it obviously shows by the results we have had so far," Olson said.

On the court though is certainly where Borders stands out from the crowd. Just look up point guard in the dictionary and you'll see his picture. With his ability to feed teammates, play tight defense and hit the big shot from anywhere on the floor he is the complete package at the point.

"Honestly I consider myself kind of a facilitator because I really like to get my teammates going early and you know they'll find openings for me to get my offense going. But really I just like spreading the love really with my teammates," Borders said.

"He's a very good ball handler and you know when he can find his teammates and get his teammates involved that is something that you know we take a lot of pride in and we talk about in this gym," coach Olson said. "He has done a great job of getting his teammates involved and realizing at times that if he does need to take over he will. But you know he is a team first guy and that is something we definitely appreciate."

One ability that might be under the surface though is his impressive leadership. Not only will Borders be the first to walk up to a teammate and pump them up after a mistake, but he is the first to point the finger at himself.

"Well I mean he will take it on himself you know he is not afraid to say he was wrong and I mean that's what good leaders do," Broken Bow junior guard Grayson Garey said.

"That's just another thing that they have drilled into my head," Borders said. "Like you just have to be a good leader and everything. You know that is just how I was raised, you know just be a leader and everything."

Even with all the success Borders has seen in his three years on varsity there is still one goal that is on his and everyone mind in the Bow gym as this 2017-18 season comes to it's conclusion.

"Oh yeah, I mean I think about it every single day really. You know we break down every single day PBA for Pinnacle Bank Arena. So that is definitely the mind set coming into each and every day, every practice and I can feel it in myself really just like before I go to bed I'm like it's really close. We just have to execute and play like us still," Borders said.

Borders has had several offers from NAIA schools in Nebraska but has not landed on a final destination next season, but make no mistake you will see him on the court. Once in college he wants to major in business administration or sports management.