Friday Night Sports Hero Payton Hoatson

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SUTHERLAND, NEB. (KNOP)- Payton Hoatson is a senior on this years Sutherland Volleyball team and is this weeks Friday Night Sports Hero. While not being the most vocal player on the court, her head coach, Valerie Kershner, said she has done a great job of leading by example.

Payton Hoatson and her parents, Shawn and Missy Hoatson, on senior night. (Credit: Patrick Johnstone / KNOP-TV)

Whether it's during the season or during the summer, Hoatson is always ready to give a lending hand and be there as a team leader. The leadership role is something she took to another level this year, and Kershner said Hoatson has embraced the role as this years team captain. "She was voted by the players before the season to be the captain, which I think speaks volume to how her teammates feel."

Hoatson began playing volleyball in the third grade and quickly became one of the best players in her age group, saying that the adrenaline she gets from playing the game has always been one of her favorite parts about it. She played varsity all four years of high school and plans to play at Mid Plains Community College next season.