Friday Night Sports Hero: Trestian Siemering

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Cozad, Neb. -- (KNOP) The Cozad Haymakers boys basketball team is not only one of the best teams in class C1 but perhaps one of the best in the entire state and while the success can be drawn to several players, Trestian Siemering stands out.

Cy as he is known to his teammates has been a standout for coach Drew Danielson ever since he took the reins of the program last season. His shooting touch can be seen by anyone in the gym, but it's what he does during practice that separates him from other players.

"On the court you can see what he is averaging and what he brings as far as his offensive ability," coach Danielson said. "But what you don't see is what he brings to practices and drills and in school. He's just a great leader and a great kid."

"All these boys are my big brothers. I won't forget one of them ever and Cy is just one of those guys that stick out to me," Cozad basketball team manager Wyatt Hosick said.

The brotherhood in the Cozad program can not be understated. Just take one step into their gym and you'll realize that they are all about one thing: family.

While Siemering may be one of the quietest members of the Makers he is one of the key leaders that everyone can lean on.

"He's not a kid that is going to play with a lot of emotion and talk and do all of that stuff he is pretty level headed but he also has made it pretty apparent that he like the big stage, like the big games," coach Danielson said.

"I don't really like to talk cause nerves get going so I like to stay quiet and stay humble and be myself," Cozad senior guard Trestian Siemering said.

On the court you'll know Trestian as a sharp shooter, he scored 34 points against Ravenna earlier this season and only scoring less than ten points this season once. On top of his offensive ability he is one of the better distributors and defenders on the floor at any given time.

But under that shooting ability and all-around game that your casual fan sees in the barn, for Siemering it's all about the mark he leaves as a Maker.

"He really cares a lot about this program, this community, this school, he cares a lot about his teammates too. Winning isn't the ultimate goal with him but doing things right and bringing his teammates along, but I think also starting something here," coach Danielson said.

"He's so fun like he is one of those guys that just is going to be in my heart forever and someday I want to be like him," Hosick said.

As he prepares to move on from Cozad, Cy knows exactly how he wants to be remembered.

"I say more as a friend or a family member, a brother. Brotherhood like what Zion said. That's all he mentioned when he went to Duke. Brotherhood is a big part."

Siemering hopes to pursue basketball in college and is currently undecided on a school and a major.