GOTW preview: St. Pat's vs Hershey

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- St. Pat's has won this rivalry four years in a row.
This season they sit at 1-3 and plan to stick to the St Pats game plan with a heavy dose of rushing.

Head coach Kevin Dodson loves his one two punch in the backfield to go along with the rushing ability of his quarterback.

They're defensively they hope to limit the Hershey passing attack.

Head coach Kevin Dodson said, "Well I think you're going to see two teams two teams that obviously want to run the football first. You know Hershey passing game has been effective in what we've seen on film so they seem to be very well balanced on the offensive side. So that's going to give us some things to consider and be concerned about throughout the course of the game. You know in a game like this you got to be able to play discipline football. One of the things we take pride in is is that our defense will get to the ball. So were going to have to do that and it's going to be difficult to do against Hershey but something were certainly trying to encourage this week is fly to the ball, stop the run and try to get them in throwing situations."

Senior James Roberts said, "I think we're just gonna try to play our game. Just be St. Pats football, run the ball throw it a bit and play St. Pats football."

Senior Nicholas Niesen said, "It would be a big win since it's our first district game and also because it's a rivalry game it's also a really fun game if you win, a fun game to play in."

Hershey is sitting at 1-3 as well.
They're a run heavy team too but the passing attack has been working lately for the Panthers.

Head coach Ryan Smith thinks the key to stopping the Irish is containing the quarterback and winning the battle on the line of scrimmage and says a win would help turn the season around.

Head coach Ryan smith said, "Just do what we do but be disciplined. You know sometimes it looks like they only run about two or three plays but I mean they got a play off of this play and then a counter and the second you think you know exactly what they're doing they hit you with that counter and it will go for forty, fifty, sixty yards and it's a touchdown. So you have to stay really disciplined. You can't fall asleep you can't get lulled into a patter cause that's what they want to do to you and you know once you do they see it you know they're a really good coaching staff. Really observant during a game and as soon as you fall asleep on one play they got you on the next one."

Senior Jermey Parker said, "You know it would mean a lot but we try to take it one week at a time, one game at a time. So, for us I think we need to get a good push we need to get some tackles for loss, we need to get that ball out that's going to be a big key to get that ball back to our offense."
A win on either side would help turn their season around.