Game of the Week: Cozad Haymakers vs. Gothenburg Swedes

GOTHENBURG, Neb. (KNOP)--- It's a double whammy this week for Gothenburg and Cozad football.
This rivalry game pinning two Southwest Conference teams and C1 teams against each other for not only rankings but bragging rights.

In this Dawson County war, Cozad comes in dropping their first game of the season against Ord last week.
Gothenburg riding a win over Chase County only allowing six points.
Two of the last three run-ins have been decided by one point and coaches expect a knock down, drag out heck of a game to watch and be involved in.

Cozad senior tight end and defensive end Luke Breon said,
"It's absolutely a big deal. it's always been a big deal, it's Gothenburg. In any sport we play them, we beat them in softball and we're just hoping we can beat them in football as well."
Cozad's head coach Brian Cargill said, "We don't have to tell them much. Of course both teams are familiar with each other, not very far away so that makes it a natural rivalry of it. Southwest conference affiliation of course, so both teams of course will be ready to play."
Cozad's senior quarterback Adam Cole said, "Our passing game's pretty tough. Our line's been working a lot on pass protection so I think we'll be able to throw the ball against them and hopefully take advantage of big plays."

Gothenburg's head coach Craig Haake said, "Well Gothenburg and Cozad have been playing for I believe over 100 years. So for both towns I think this is a big week. I think both teams point to it whether anyone wants to admit to it or not. We don'thave to tell the kids who we're playing this week. They know, they've competed against these guys in everything since they were knee high to a grasshopper and they look forward to playing Cozad, they're a great opponent."

Gothenburg senior running back and corner back Evan Peterson said,
"It's really fun, everybody gets excited. Like competing against them. Started way back when I guess, just carried through."