Game of the Week Preview: Ogallala vs Gothenburg

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- The Swedes know what the Ogallala offense can do with junior Clayton Murphy in control.

To counter his ability to move the pocket and throw on the run, they are emphasizing a more aggressive pass rush and using lineman to disrupt passing lanes.

Their hope is that this strategy will make Ogallala a one dimensional team.

Offensively, Gothenburg plans on sticking with their traditional power runs and option plays.

Ogallala is sitting at 4-3, and the Indians will most likely need to win-out in order to make the post season.

Without arguably their best lineman and dealing with injuries at multiple spots, the Indians face a tough battle ahead.

Coming into their game with Gothenburg, head coach Brent Bauer is preaching to his defense to stay discipline and be relentless in pursuing the football to slow down the dominate Gothenburg option-run game.