Girls basketball previews: North Platte Bulldogs

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- The North Platte girls basketball team is under new management this season, as first year head coach Tyson Hammond takes over for the team.

Hammond is happy with what he has seen out of his players, and optimistic about the team's chances this season.

"So far, effort's been great. We've got a really good group of girls. Attitude's great, effort's great, and they're preparing to be as successful as we can be," Hammond said.

The Bulldogs are looking to get leadership from two seniors; Abbie Hedgecock and Peyton Negley. Hedgecock and Negley are both optimistic about their final seasons.

"I have high expectations for this year. We have a lot of athletic girls. We have a good offense, we're going to be pushing it, and have a run and gun kind of offense," Hedgecock said.

"We have a good group of girls, and we're pushing ourselves the best that we can, and practicing day and night. Two a days sometimes, but we're getting through it," Negley said.

Coach Hammond believes this team will be able to outwork teams with their quickness and athleticism. He says most of the girls are multi-sport athletes, so they are already well conditioned heading into the season.

"I think we're pretty athletic, we've got a lot of girls that play multiple sports. We're gonna try to play fast and try to get up and down the floor and pressure people a little bit," Hammond said.

Since this team isn't going to be one of the tallest teams this year, they are going to need to focus on other aspects of their game.

" [We have to] play on the outside and have a lot of shots because we're not gonna get very many inside shots against the bigger teams. We just gotta be in shape and quick to everything and have good defense," Hedgecock said.

The Bulldogs open their season November 30, hosting Kearney Catholic.