Hometown hero to step into the national spotlight

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Some big news coming from the Mixed Martial Arts community in North Platte.

Hometown hero Ryan MacDonald announced on Wednesday that he has signed a four fight deal with the UFC.

Ryan holds a record of 10-0 professionally.

He says he's been in talks with the UFC for a while but they were asking for nationally televised fighting exposure.

The interesting thing is Ryan says he wasn't interested in fighting at first.

"I had seen the UFC and I was like, "Wow! That's cool." Watching all the big fights and all the pay-per-views and just thinking it was awesome but never put myself in their shoes," says MacDonald.

"Without support in this game you're a nobody. Not many people will pay attention to you and take you as seriously. So, having the support of my hometown and home state and people across the nation it's huge for me because it gets me even more recognized."

He says he's grateful for his supporters.

"I feed off of the positive energy. I get so many messages like, "Hey man! We're rooting for you!" I feed off of that. It makes me want to go train even harder. It's awesome I can't thank them enough."

MacDonald's opponent is Chris Gutierrez from Texas.

Gutierrez has been training in Colorado and has fought once in the UFC but lost.

The fight is set to take place in Nashville, Tennessee on March 23.