Husker track camp comes to North Platte

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Coaches and student-athletes from the University of Nebraska track and field team traveled to North Platte Monday to work with area middle and high school athletes.

Husker senior thrower Jamesha Western (left) gives shot put pointers to an athlete at the Husker track camp in North Platte (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

Miles Griffith is a high jumper at Nebraska. He is from St. Paul, Neb. and went to similar camps at Doane University when he was younger.

"I liked going to that camp, it helped me enjoy high jump more, and track as a whole," Griffith said.

Griffith is headed into his junior year at Nebraska, and used the limited time he had with local jumpers to try to help their high jumping ability, but also teach them things they can use in the future.

"Due to them us only having a one day session with them, and only having three hours, I like to get everything in there, so they have an idea on everything and what they can do. I'm really trying to pass down some knowledge on what they can do without me here, as well, because I want them to be able to practice on their own, practice with their coach, and everything," Griffith said.

Ryan Farley is a sprinter heading into his senior year at North Platte high school. He appreciated what he learned at the camp, because it's something he struggled with last season.

"We're not working much speed, it's just mostly form, and that's what was a problem last year, my form kind of went bad. So obviously just want to work on form, and mobility," Farley said.

Griffith likes teaching other athletes, because it helps him improve his jumping as well.

"Telling people what they're doing wrong is always helping you on what you did wrong, because you think 'oh, I do the same thing,' and it looks wrong on them, and that always happens, especially with high jump, with it being such a technical thing, that you always find things you can work on and improve on by helping others," Griffith said.

The Husker track camp is available Sundays and Wednesdays in July at Ed Weir Outdoor Stadium on the University of Nebraska Campus. You can sign up at