Idaho Couple Stops in Nebraska En Route to 50 Day, 50 Golf Course Run

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North Platte, Neb.- (KNOP) This Friday 50-year-old Soren Jacobsen will complete a goal he has had since college. Playing 18 holes of golf at 50 different golf courses in 50 different states in just 50 days.

"This was my idea of a midlife crisis," Soren said. "But my vision of a 50-year-old back then is a little different than what it's turned out to be now."

Soren, a senior IT specialist for the Idaho state legislative services office and his wife Melanie of nearly six years began their journey back on April 21st in Oregon and will complete the project on June 10th in beautiful Hawaii.

The couple made their stop in Nebraska last Friday at The Prairie Club south of Valentine. The Prairie Club, considered one of the best in the country with both courses ranked in the top 100 in Golf Digest's top public golf courses offered a challenging course as well as a club that was eager to host the Jacobsen's on their expedition.

The course also offered something that they have become accustomed to on their journey, a unique setting they never thought they would encounter.

"I'm in the middle of the Nebraska sand dune plains right now. You know, I never imagined being here. you know I've been to a lot of states because of business and that sort of thing before but obviously we are hitting every one of them," Soren said.

Soren describes himself as a so-so golfer and someone that aims to be a consistent bogey golfer. While the trip has certainly improved his game, it was never based around the golf but rather the experiences along the way.

"The best part is easy, as a golfer it's hard to say this but the best part has been the people we have met. We've just met some incredible people," Soren said. "One of the things that has gotten us in late a lot of nights is we will get done golfing and then we'll wind up talking to someone in the parking lot for an hour about what we are doing."

The couple has plans of releasing two books off of their nationwide expedition. One from the perspective of Soren and his golf experience and another a children's book from the perspective of Mully, a club head cover the two purchased specifically for this trip.

With everything coming to a close in just five short days, both Soren and Melanie have had a change of heart from when they initially started.

"As we get closer to the end of the trip we are both kind of going ah it's almost over and not excited about that you know. Early on we thought we would be excited at this point for it to be over but you know I keep falling back to the non-golf stuff. The people that we've met, the conversations we've had," Soren said.

"Absolutely sad to see it end but excited about what comes next," Melanie said.

If you would like more information on their journey you can follow them on twitter @fnf2017 or their website