Jayde Atkins sets a high bar heading into National High School Rodeo competition

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BROKEN BOW, Neb. Jayde Atkins is the high school state All-Around Champion Cowgirl for the third year in a row, showcasing the diversity of her skill sets.

"It's a little different than just winning a title in a single event," Atkins said about being named the All-Around Champ. "It shows that you can do a bunch of other events and practice them and be prepared and be successful in more than just one thing."

Atkins prefers to be more of a jack-of-all-trades as opposed to specializing in one task.

"To me, for sure it's probably one of the favorite things that I've done," Atkins said.

As a senior, she is heading into the final competition of her high school career, so she doesn't plan on holding back

I want to go out on a good note," she said. "But, I also don't want to go out thinking 'oh, I could've given more.' So, for nationals, I don't want to hold back and just be too safe. You got to let it out at some point, so we'll see how that goes."

She says that mentality is easier, knowing some of the pressure is off after last season.

"This year it's kind of like 'well, I 've already done it,'" Atkins said. "I know I can, so why don't I go out there and have fun and see what I do? I mean, it's my last shot, so I might as well go out with a bang."