John Higgins Invitational results

LEXINGTON, (KNOP) - Lexington High School hosted the John Higgins Wrestling Invitational on Friday.

Here are the results:

1st Place - Quinton Chavez of Gering
2nd Place - Austin Munier of Sidney
3rd Place - Ivan Lazo of Lexington
4th Place - Zach Rohrbough of Scott Community

1st Place - Jace Russman of Cozad
2nd Place - Landon Zeckser of Hastings
3rd Place - Tristen Obermiller of Adams Central
4th Place - Cameron Brauer of Sidney

1st Place - Dylan Miller of Hastings
2nd Place - Ean Bailey of Lexington
3rd Place - Brandon Roberts of Scott Community
4th Place - Jacob Peckham of Sidney

1st Place - Darian Diaz of North Platte
2nd Place - Nate Rocheleau of Gering
3rd Place - Bryce Brown of Hastings
4th Place - Corben Libich of Gothenburg

1st Place - Wyatt Hotz of Gothenburg
2nd Place - Brady Fago of Lexington
3rd Place - Izaak Hunsley of Hastings
4th Place - Justus McDaniel of Scott Community

1st Place - Kaden Wren of Scott Community
2nd Place - Trey Arellano of Sidney
3rd Place - Mason Brumbaugh of Hastings
4th Place - Cameron Kort of Adams Central

1st Place - Trystan Berry of Lexington
2nd Place - Kaleb Pohl of Cozad
3rd Place - Brody Raines of Sidney
4th Place - Theron Tucker of Scott Community

1st Place - Blake Hoffmaster of Cozad
2nd Place - KC Higer of Sidney
3rd Place - Jacob Awiszus of Gering
4th Place - Dakota Haines of Lexington

1st Place - Riley Kopf of Lexington
2nd Place - Cash Arensdorf of North Platte
3rd Place - Brady Robb of Sidney
4th Place - Luis Chafino of Holyoke

1st Place - Damen Pape of Hastings
2nd Place - Wyatt Hayes of Scott Community
3rd Place - Gavyn Brauer of North Platte
4th Place - Conner Wescoat of Cozad

1st Place - Alec Langan of McCook
2nd Place - Noah Machnicki of Adams Central
3rd Place - Cale Goodman of Scott Community
4th Place - Kyle Patten of Hastings

1st Place - Evan Morara of Hastings
2nd Place - Imanol Munoz of Holdrege
3rd Place - Conner Brown of Adams Central
4th Place - Cody Wolf of Lexington

1st Place - Trent Weak of Holdrege
2nd Place - Kyle Sherwood of Scott Community
3rd Place - Cade Stott of Cozad
4th Place - Austin Kreutzer of McCook

1st Place - Jade Wurth of Lexington
2nd Place - Josh Stallbaumer of Cozad
3rd Place - Josh Callejas of Hastings
4th Place - Hunter Cunningham of McCook

Team Results
1. Hastings 199.5
2. Lexington 182
3. Scott Community, KS 153.5
4. Sidney 144.5
5. Cozad 128.5
6. McCook 89.5
7. Adams Central 88
8. Holdrege 80.5
9. North Platte 70.5
10. Gering 66.5
11. Gothenburg 45
12. Holoyoke, CO 35.5