Legacy Gymnastics prepares for regional competition

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)--- Peyton McNulty, Jamie Lynn Murtaugh, Trinity Vak, Gabby Swift, Molly Young, Josephina Erb, and Ali Crow are all headed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the first weekend of April for Regionals.

Regionals is the season finale for these level 6 gymnasts. But first they had to perform through the pressure at the state meet in Lincoln.

15-year-old gymnast, Ali Crow said, "Scoring in the state meet determines like whether you qualify or not... and it's like really exciting when you do qualify."

But to qualify, that means perfect routines with no mistakes, and that's hard to do.

Coach Michelle McNulty said, "So the first year that we went, we had two, last year we had four make it, and then this year we have seven. So every year we've gotten a little better so that's awesome."

They'll be competing against girls from six states this Saturday and Sunday.

McNulty said, "they're excited, they're practicing good. They know that they're up against a lot. These are the best of the best. They have a lot to do to get up there and bring home some medals but we're going to try."

Crow said, "Especially since I'm one of the older girls, it's just more fun to lead the way kind of. I know it's going to be hard but like I sai, it's like the experience, in my opinion, that matters the most. Because it is like the best girls throughout the whole entire states. "

And with the unpopular structure of competing in age groups instead of as teams, McNulty says the girls have worked their whole season to get to this point.

"They work really hard. They're in here four days a week, 3-4 hours a day so they workout a lot and this is not just this season. They workout all year round," said McNulty. "They're in here in the summer four h ours a day, four days a week. So they put in a lot of time so this is kind of the culmination of their whole season. So we're pretty proud of how they've done this year."