Lindemeier resigns as NP Legion Board President

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - North Platte Legion Baseball Board President, Bob Lindemeier, resigned from position Thursday. Lindemeier says he felt he lost control of the board after a leak to the meeting after a board meeeting on Wednesday and cited that for the reason for leaving.


The Board meeting focused on the team's former Director of Baseball Operations, Justin Janas, and the appearance that he was holding illegal practices. Janas resigned in late April.

Janas was working with players prior to Governor Ricketts' Directive Health Measure that barred organized team sports from being conducted. Janas resigned from the Legion team shortly afterwards but worked with a few players separate from the First National organization.

Lindemeier said he was contacted by the team's State Legion Representative, Anthony McCreery, that a citizen had complained about kids practicing with Legion attire, believing it to be an official practice of the team. Lindemeier says that was not the case.

Lindemeier sent a text message to coaches about the complaint, and he believes the wording of the text caused confusion with the situation.

On Monday, May 11, Lindemeier received a call from the team's sponsor, First National Bank Omaha, about the complaint, and he reiterated that the practice was not sanctioned by the team.

On Wednesday, May 13, the North Platte Legion board held a meeting, and the issue was discussed. Lindemeier received a call from the team's Legion rep after the meeting about a story that was reported on by a local radio state.

In the Post story, the text message from Lindemeier to the coaches was quoted.

Lindemeier said, "My job is to balance the concerns of the program," and he believed he could not properly do that anymore.

There is no word yet as of how the board will replace Lindemeier.