Mullen wins wrestling invitational

The Mullen Broncos finished first as a team on Saturday at the Bronco Invitational. (Credit: Mullen Wrestling Twitter)
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MULLEN, Neb. (KNOP)- The Mullen Broncos took home first place as a team on Saturday at the Bronco Invite, hosted by Mullen. Results for each age group are below.

Weight 106
Round 1 - Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Jeffery Forsen (Mullen) (Fall 2:28)
Round 2 - Jeffery Forsen (Mullen) over Isaac Shaner (Brady) (Fall 3:09)
Round 3 - Dallas Beegle (Hitchcock County) over Jeffery Forsen (Mullen) (Dec 5-0)
Round 4 - Zane Druery (Anselmo-Merna) over Jeffery Forsen (Mullen) (Fall 1:40)
Round 5 - Chase McGrath (Bridgeport) over Jeffery Forsen (Mullen) (Fall 5:44)
Round 1 - Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Jeffery Forsen (Mullen) (Fall 2:28)
Round 2 - Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Dallas Beegle (Hitchcock County) (Fall 1:29)
Round 3 - Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Zane Druery (Anselmo-Merna) (Fall 1:10)
Round 4 - Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Chase McGrath (Bridgeport) (Dec 7-2)
Round 5 - Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Isaac Shaner (Brady) (Fall 1:38)

Weight 113
Round 1 - Tristin Grooms (Mullen) over Elijah Conley (Bridgeport) (Fall 1:29)
Round 2 - Tristin Grooms (Mullen) over Ben Klemesrud (North Central) (Fall 2:54)
Round 4 - Tristin Grooms (Mullen) over Blake Devitt (Hitchcock County) (Fall 0:19)
Round 5 - Casey Benavides (Bridgeport) over Tristin Grooms (Mullen) (Fall 1:02)

Weight 120
Quarterfinals - Teven Marshall (Mullen) received a bye
Semifinals - Teven Marshall (Mullen) over Gavin Losey (Hitchcock County) (Fall 1:42)
1st Place Match - Teven Marshall (Mullen) over Chance Cooper (Bridgeport) (Dec 4-2)

Weight 126
Quarterfinals - Kyle Durfee (Mullen) over Daniel Kohel (Morrill) (Fall 2:51)
Semifinals - Kyle Durfee (Mullen) over Daylon Weekly (Sandhills Valley) (Fall 0:37)
1st Place Match - Thomas Klemesrud (North Central) over Kyle Durfee (Mullen) (Dec 8-3)

Weight 145
Champ. Round 1 - Spencer DeNaeyer (Mullen) received a bye
Quarterfinals - Spencer DeNaeyer (Mullen) over Tanner O`Brien (Hitchcock County) (Fall 1:54)
Semifinals - Jeremy Larson (Brady) over Spencer DeNaeyer (Mullen) (Fall 3:51)
Cons. Semis - Spencer DeNaeyer (Mullen) over Denton Premus (Bayard) (Fall 0:54)
3rd Place Match - Levi Lewis (North Central) over Spencer DeNaeyer (Mullen) (Fall 1:00)

Weight 160
Quarterfinals - Keegan Shuler (Hitchcock County) over Sean Simonson (Mullen) (Dec 8-1)
Cons. Round 1 - Sean Simonson (Mullen) over Bry Rowe (Hyannis) (Fall 1:55)
Cons. Semis - Sean Simonson (Mullen) over Curtis Jackson (Bridgeport) (Fall 1:15)
3rd Place Match - Keegan Shuler (Hitchcock County) over Sean Simonson (Mullen) (Dec 5-1)

Weight 170
Round 1 - Reece Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford) over Kendal Neal (Mullen) (Dec 11-8)
Round 2 - Kendal Neal (Mullen) over Joshua Welsch (Morrill) (Fall 1:44)
Round 3 - Kendal Neal (Mullen) received a bye
Round 4 - Josh Warren (Bridgeport) over Kendal Neal (Mullen) (Fall 2:39)
Round 5 - Triston Stearns (Brady) over Kendal Neal (Mullen) (Dec 5-4)

Weight 182
Champ. Round 1 - Riley Kessler (Mullen) received a bye
Quarterfinals - Riley Kessler (Mullen) over Logan Simmons (Brady) (Dec 7-1)
Semifinals - Riley Kessler (Mullen) over Justin Schroll (North Platte St. Patrick`s) (Fall 5:28)
1st Place Match - Talan McGill (North Platte St. Patrick`s) over Riley Kessler (Mullen) (Fall 1:43)

Weight 195
Round 1 - Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) received a bye
Round 2 - Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) over Sid Miller (Anselmo-Merna) (Fall 0:53)
Round 3 - Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) over Michael Morgan (Morrill) (Fall 2:23)
Round 4 - Auston Roberts (Bridgeport) over Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) (M. For.)
Round 5 - Sawyer McGill (North Platte St. Patrick`s) over Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) (M. For.)

Weight 220
Champ. Round 1 - Clayton Hassett (Mullen) received a bye
Quarterfinals - Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Cameron Carr (Brady) (Fall 0:57)
Semifinals - Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Gavin Anderson (Hyannis) (Fall 3:40)
1st Place Match - Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Andrew Burnett (Anselmo-Merna) (Fall 3:35)
Champ. Round 1 - Tel Kvanvig (Mullen) over Noah Yetter (Banner County) (Fall 0:09)
Quarterfinals - Andrew Burnett (Anselmo-Merna) over Tel Kvanvig (Mullen) (Fall 3:19)
Cons. Round 2 - Tel Kvanvig (Mullen) over Bradley Fay (North Central) (Fall 0:34)
Cons. Round 3 - Tel Kvanvig (Mullen) over Dawson Wiggins (Leyton) (Fall 1:38)
Cons. Semis - Tel Kvanvig (Mullen) over Gavin Anderson (Hyannis) (Fall 3:29)
3rd Place Match - Kaden Dady (Brady) over Tel Kvanvig (Mullen) (NC)

Weight 285
Quarterfinals - Remington Hodges (Hitchcock County) over Isaac Welch (Mullen) (Fall 1:21)
Cons. Round 1 - Isaac Welch (Mullen) over Fabian Hernandez (Morrill) (Fall 0:55)
Cons. Semis - Ceasar Garduno (Minatare) over Isaac Welch (Mullen) (Fall 3:29)