NPHS Girl's Soccer headed to State more confident this year

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)--- North Platte girl's soccer is headed out to Omaha Thursday with a send-off from the community with a police escort and McDonald Elementary students as they lined the sidewalk cheering with signs.

If you've seen the Lady Bulldogs soccer team play this year, you know they are an exciting squad watch!
In 19 total games, they've scored 76 goals this season and only gave up 12.

Head coach Sarah Kaminski said, "You know, I think when we play our style of play, we're so much better. Every once in a while, I'll catch us really trying to sag back and trying to play extra defensive minded but it takes some convincing of the girls, just play your game and keep it with your style of play and that's when we actually end up keeping the ball in our control more is when we're pushed up and we're offensive and we're attacking the way that we know how to attack."

That has lead to a 17-2 record for them so far with those two loses being against class a schools; but then again they also beat three class a teams this season.

Senior left wing Mei Hou said, "Well watching film helps us like know who their players are and just when we play our game, that's when we do our best."

Senior attacking midfielder Abbie Hedgecock said, "I think we're a little more confident than we were last year cause our record kind of shows it ans Saturday was more of like a win than we expected it to be so it gave us a little more boost."

"I told the kids everything from now on out, you know post season, everything is going to be a hard fought game and it could come down to who wants to be more gritty for this next play as for them," said Kaminski. "And that's kind of the mentality that they're used to playing with, which is good. I expect that out of us."

Hou said, "We just know they're going to be more tough teams than we played in our season so we're just trying to keep our composure."

The Lady Dawgs say they're ready for the tougher competition.

"You know its funny because they have a different feeling coming out of our district final this year than even they did last year," said Kaminski. "I think their mindset is that- more of not just scared to be there, excited to be there, end of story. I think in their minds, their path goes a lot further than just the first round. But I think in their minds, they really believe more this year than they did last year that they can really got out there and push past the first round."

"I know that we're excited because we know that we can keep gong this year than we did last year," said Hou.

Hedgecock said, "I think we're a little more confident this year. Last year it was kind of like 'oh gosh, we made it to state,' and we were just happy to be there. But this year we feel like we can go quite a bit like farther."