NPHS students collectively make 76,000 shots in the month of June

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- It's a sound that's echoed thorugh the hallway of north plate high 76,000 times this June.

The sound of a basketball going through the net.

"We have to do these workouts called Bulldoggers and then for each Bulldogger is 250 shots. Ater going through a decathalon workout, then [you shoot] 20 shots from each spot and then by the time if you do all the workouts you make 4,000," says Max Hayes, a senior.

Senior max hayes is one of 19 students that finished up his Bulldogger this june..

"It shows everybodies dedicated and we're willing to put the work in to be great. When you put the work in you see everybody else buys in and just a team effort you become good," says Jack Mohr, a senior.

Making this offseason one that the coach can be proud of..

"In some ways this has been the best June as far as attendence and open gym and getting work done that we've had in eight years and you dont do that if you dont have commited upperclassman that are dedicated and want to be leaders. This group has been great so far this June and you know they've been doing their part of modeling what it should look like and being here and the younger kids are you know following that and it's been good to see this month," says Matt Kaminski, head coach.

The program us helping give the players a boost in confidence.

"I think this has been a really good summer. We've been really competitive at all the tournaments we've played through and played at so far. I feel like im still in really good condition from this and weights and everthing so I feel like we're all in good shape," says Hayes.