North Platte First National Seniors begin 2019 baseball season

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)--- A little bit of a different look this year for the Legion Baseball Seniors with a new head coach stepping in, but he's not exactly an unfamiliar face.

North Platte Legion Seniors head coach Ty Brockmoller said, "I played from 2011 through 2014 and then the first year after I was done playing, I got right back into coaching so I've been with the program since 2011."

After splitting the series this past weekend at Columbus for their season opener, the team says it's not disappointed.

Center fielder Tyler Ferguson said, "Yeah we haven't really been able to get on the field but we do what we can and just get ready. So the first game was a little rough. Kind of just like the first game of the season, you know? Guys made some mistakes but that's alright and then the second game, we looked pretty good, we had some solid hits and we came out with a win so that was good."

"The weather's been terrible because it's been hard to get on the field because the fields always wet," said Brockmoller. "It kind of showed in our first game of the season, we were a little rusty, and just fundamentally we just weren't really sound but in the second game things started coming back to us which went a lot better. We obviously since we wont that game."

Pitcher/ first baseman Jacob Tobey said, "We're kind of a young team, but we're actually feeling pretty good after coming away from Columbus with a win. We felt kind of rushed into the season in the first game but we picked it up pretty well, played pretty well in the second game."

The First Nationals say they aren't a very powerful team but they can rely on getting solid base hits and their defense to back up their developing pitching.

Ferguson said, "We don't have a lot of pitchers so we've got to work on guys going deep into the count deep in the games and that will just be good for us."

"It's still early in the season but our pitching is kind of, we just got to work on throwing less pitches I guess," said Tobey.

The Seniors know what to expect for the rest of the season.

'We know who we play every year, it's going to be Kearney, Hastings so matching up with them is going to be pretty big for us but we thing with the team we have this year, we can get something done," said Ferguson.