North Platte High School announces new head coach for girls track

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North Platte, NEB.-- The North Platte girls track team hasn't won a state title since 1971. Cory Dosland hopes to change that.

For the last 20 years hes been an assistant basketball coach with the Bulldogs and 18 of those hes been with the track program as well.

While in college at the University of Nebraska- Kearney, Dosland helped
coach at Kearney Catholic. Upon graduation in 1998, he moved to North Platte and began teaching and coaching at Madison middle school. A year later he began his assistant career at North Platte High School.

"It means a lot. Everything you do you just try to do for the kids and make sure that you know they're having good experiences and they're enjoying what they're doing and they're getting better and improving. You know, just being a part of that is great. I think the biggest thing is just getting them bigger faster stronger. If we can focus on that and get them better that way then you know it will carry over to the track meets and it will also carry over to the other sports. Volleyball players basketball players, softball players, swimmers you know they come out for track and they want to help improve their athleticism, it helps them all year round," says Dosland.

Dosland will also remain coaching freshman boys basketball.