North Platte family spends Father's Day on the tennis courts

Brian Dorr prepares to serve at the final day of the Nebraskaland Days tennis tournament (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)
Brian Dorr prepares to serve at the final day of the Nebraskaland Days tennis tournament (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)(KNOP)
Published: Jun. 16, 2019 at 11:01 PM CDT
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A North Platte family spent Father's Day Celebrating on the tennis court for the final day of the Nebraskaland Days tennis tournament.

Brian Dorr, and his children Marshall and Marguerite, competed in the final two days of the tournament at Cody Park.

"I really just always enjoy playing with him, because he's what gave us our love of tennis, and so that's really neat," Marguerite said.

Last year, Marshall and Brian faced off in the singles final last year, Marshall lost to his father.

"I told everybody it was for Father's Day, he basically just beat me," Marshall said.

Marguerite and Marshall were a doubles pair, and fell to Brian and his partner Jadyn Trindle, Marshall's girlfriend, in the championship of the adult doubles on Saturday. On Sunday, Marguerite did not play, but came out to support Brian.

"I always love to support him because he always supported us through the years when we were playing in high school, so it's nice to return the favor," Marguerite said.

"He's who I learned tennis from and he's always been better than me, so one of my goals has always been can I beat my dad, you know, classic," Marshall said.

Brian enjoys spending time with his family playing tennis, and it is just a bonus playing on Father's Day.

"We've always had a lot of fun playing tennis, and just playing in the Nebraskaland Days tournament with the kids is extra special, and it falls on Father's Day, so there's another added extra special," Brian said.

Results from Day 3

Frankie Odierna def Natasha Swedberg 8-3

Brian Dorr def Frankie 8-1

Marshall Dorr def. Greg Bergeron 8-2

Cole Lohoefener def Brian Dorr 8-5

Marshall Dorr def Cole Lohoefener 8-2

Landon Bank def Greg Bergeron 6-0

Brian Dorr def Greg Bergeron 5-3

Laurel Huebner def Natasha Swedberg 6-3

Kaleb Arterburn def Laurel Huebner 7-6(8-6)

Brian Dorr def Kaleb Arterburn 6-0


Champion: Marshall Dorr

Runner up: Cole Lohoefener


Champion: Laurel Huebner

Runner up: Natasha Swedberg

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