North Platte high school grad makes return to Western Nebraska

Published: Apr. 20, 2019 at 10:42 PM CDT
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Olivia Nicholson is a senior outside hitter on the Colorado State Rams, and was born in McCook and graduated from North Platte High School in 2016.

Nicholson and the Rams were in McCook Saturday afternoon to play the Nebraska Cornhuskers for the 2019 spring game.

"The fact that my old baby sitter got to come watch, and all my friends and family that don't usually get to make it out to Fort Collins just meant so much to me," Nicholson said on her return to Western Nebraska.

Nicholson did receive a standing ovation during player introductions, but ultimately, the crowd was against her and the Rams.

"It was good. It was so fun. It's kind of fun to be cheered against sometimes. Nebraska has great fans whether they're cheering for you or against you," Nicholson said.

Nicholson is no stranger to 'Nebraska nice,' but her teammates were able to experience it firsthand. She was also touched that people she knew camped out to attempt to get tickets to the game.

"They were so sweet to us coming here for for dinner and lunch and stuff. I loved it it was great. I got a lot of people and we didn't get a lot of tickets too and that was kind of hard because i knew people wanted to come. People camped out in line and camped out this morning to get here so it was really cool. And for my team to experience that was awesome," Nicholson said.

Two years ago, the Huskers played Colorado State for their spring game in Kearney, but Nicholson wasn't able to play because of an injury, so there were a lot of mixed emotions playing today.

"I didn't get to play against Nebraska last time because I had shoulder surgery, so it was a combination of excitement, and nerves, and just readiness. I love playing big competition like this in spring, I think it's good for us, to challenge us, and the fact that we showed up for a little bit today was great.," Nicholson said.

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