North Platte residents react to Hoiberg signing

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - On Saturday, the Huskers athletic department announced the hiring of former Iowa State and Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg as the 28th men's basketball coach in UNL history.

The general consensus of the people of North Platte seems to be positive about the hire of Hoiberg.

"I think coach Hoiberg will be a great addition to the basketball program," Tim O'Connor, the owner of the Sports Shoppe, said. "People definitely look forward to him and what he brings to the program. He proved to have a lot of success at the college level, both playing and coaching."

Jack Mohr, a North Platte resident, believes Hoiberg's NBA coaching experience will attract top recruits to Lincoln.

"I really feel like he will be a great asset to our team because he was an NBA coach, so he has NBA experience," Mohr said, "Players that are big recruits will come here because they know he has NBA experience so they think he'll get them to go to the NBA, so I just think that it's a good fit for us."

Not everyone thinks Hoiberg's NBA coaching experience will be a factor for recruits. Travis Klein, who works at the North Platte Recreation Complex, believes his college experience will be a bigger factor.

"I think [his NBA experience] probably has little to do with kids' decisions on where they're going to play, his success in college is probably going to be a bigger draw than his success in the NBA," Klein said.

Klein is excited about the hire, though.

"I think it's great. I think it's probably better than anybody could've expected Nebraska to get, He had a lot of success at Iowa State, and I'm a Bulls fan as well, so I liked him when he was with Chicago, so it kind of was a great hire," Klein said. "He's known for his offense, so fast-paced, shoots a lot of threes, it should be an exciting brand of basketball to watch."

When asked if he believes the Huskers will be successful with Hoiberg as head coach, Mohr said, "Oh yeah for sure, no doubt, if he gets the prospects he needs to make our team great."

Klein believes Hoiberg can lead the Huskers back to the NCAA tournament, where they haven't been since 2014.

"They're paying him a lot of money, I guess he better get to the tournament," Klein laughed.