Ogallala high school to hire new volleyball coach

OGALLALA, Neb. (KNOP) - Shelly Byrn will be taking the open Ogallala volleyball coaching job. Byrn was previously the St. Pat's volleyball coach.

"An opportunity presented itself and [my husband and I] just tried to do it and see. 17 years ago, St. Pat's gave us an opportunity and it was a great decision. Now, we have a great opportunity in Ogallala," Byrn said of her decision to take the job.

Byrn will be replacing Steve Morgan, who was a coach for 45 years. Byrn said of replacing Morgan, "[My husband and I] are both very excited for this opportunity. I am humbled and honored to follow a great volleyball coach. Coach Morgan left big shoes to fill, but, hopefully I can add to the great history at Ogallala."