Pigskin Preview: Brady Eagles

BRADY, Neb. (KNOP)--- The Brady Eagles return seven starters from last season.
Relying on that experience and starting out fresh with no injuries, the Eagles are hoping to be more aggressive and create a more balanced offense instead of the air-raid heavy scheme they had last year.
But players say they've been playing together for years and are definitely more comfortable.

Head coach Andy Seamann said, "Right now our focus all summer and camp is just being more physical. Running the ball. Last year we were pretty much limited to throwing the ball away more than we ever had before and way more than I preferred. So our focus has been all summer just being physical up front, being physical with our blocks, being physical with our defense and running the ball."

Senior running back Titus Earl said, "Our offense is looking really strong this year so should be able to run the ball pretty good. We have some great blockers. People know how to get around, create an open space for you."

"I think, while we do have some good blockers, I think we do need to, last year that was a, that and defense, but just being able to run the ball, not being an aired offense, if we could be a dual threat and then get momentum on defense and then translate that momentum into offense, it's going to be huge," said junior quarterback TJ Roe.

Brady opens the season at Paxton who qualified for the class D2 state tournament in 2017.