Pigskin Preview: North Platte High Bulldogs

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)--- Head coach Todd Rice took the job at North Platte high and immediately got his guys in the weight room.
Focusing on strength and conditioning, he says he wants aggressiveness from his players at all time and appreciates the buy in from the senior leaders on the team.

Senior middle linebacker Jake Johnson, "It's a completely different football team if you ask me. I think the intensity is really turned up, I think just our whole mindsets different and we're playing to win state to be honest with you."

Head coach Todd Rice said, "Coming into the season, our strength level and our commitment to the summer program, which our guys have really responded to well, and then just getting in with the fundamentals, trying to get back to a physical ground type of offense. And then defensively, fundamentally being sound, trying to stop the running game."

Senior offensive tackle/ defensive end Mason Lee said,
"I think we'll be good, I think, obviously it's a pretty hard schedule but the whole new program, it's nothing before North Platte's, so I think it'll be grinding out."

"There's some pretty good teams on there, I think 7 of the 9 are playoof teams from last year so we got some pretty good challenges. But if we want to get into the playoffs and do those things, we need to play those types of teams," said coach Rice.

Coach Rice says it's fun to hear the response from the athletes and the families heading into this season with this new program.