Pigskin Preview: Ogallala Indians

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OGALLALA, Neb. (KNOP)--- The Ogallala Indians had a hot start to last season going 3-0 but missed the playoffs finishing with a 4-5 record.
But this season coach Bauer thinks they can do something special if everyone stays healthy.

This year Ogallala players say they're working on keeping the pedal on the gas to finish off teams.

Head coach Brent Bauer said, "I feel really really good. We had a really good summer in terms of the environment we had in our weight room and that's a big deal to me when I have kids commenting about how it just felt electric every day we were in there and that's big to be able to be able to do that when you're in there as early in the morning as we are."

Senior tight end and defensive tackle Brock Skinner said, "Oh yeah, high energy. You have to have the same amount of energy in practice as you do in games otherwise it's like fake, it's not fair."

Coach says their skill players are going to be scouted pretty heavily this season but new guys on the roster prove the program is growing.

"I think we've had like five or six starters since they were like sophomores so we're kind of used to playing on the varsity level but we lost a quite a bit of seniors last year so we have a pretty young team so it will be exciting," said senior quarterback Clayton Murphy.

Coach Bauer said, "You know whenever you return a 2-year starter quarterback and a two-year starter at running back, that makes you feel a little bit secure."

Skinner said, "A lot of experience in the skill positions but our oldest lineman's a junior and that's only one of them. All the others are freshmen and sophomores."

Murphy said, "They're some hogs and you know, they're going to protect me and we have like five or six can-start receivers so, some of them are bigger, some of them are smaller but quicker but our line is big but they're fast too."

The Indians are ready to make a name for themselves this year.

"Most definitely. We're already ranked this year, so gotta step up and prove that we deserve to be ranked," said Skinner.

Murphy said, "You know, we want to at least make the playoffs. We want to go undefeated and we need to make noise in the playoffs this year. We missed the playoffs the last two years, 4-5 both seasons and we've got really good leaders this year so we're going for it all."