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 The Brady Eagles will look to improve upon last year's 4-4 record, starting with their week one home game against Paxton on Aug. 30 (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)
The Brady Eagles will look to improve upon last year's 4-4 record, starting with their week one home game against Paxton on Aug. 30 (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV) (KNOP)
Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 11:58 PM CDT
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The Brady Eagles will be lead by their eight seniors during the 2019 season. For some of the seniors, this season will be their fourth season starting, because the team has so much experience, it has cut down on the need to work on certain things during practice.

"We're just trying to fine tune technique stuff everyday. With eight seniors, we're able to spend a little less time on the X's and O's, and spent a lot more time on technique, and playing with more aggressiveness," head coach Andy Seamann said.

With this head start on the season, Seamann has high hopes for this team.

"Our outlook, our confidence is high. We have eight seniors on the team with five returning starters on both sides of the ball. They've been working their butts off, and they're ready to have a good season," Seamann said.

However, even with so many years of experience, the players know they still have to work hard every day.

"Starting position, it's not really secured. Every day, every week, in and out, you have to work harder and harder, just to keep it," senior fullback Lucas Simmons said.

These seniors have played together for so long, that it helps them mesh on the field, and allows them to help younger players as well.

"I've played with a lot of these guys since I was in third grade, so we've had a long time to be together. A lot of it is just getting it down and getting comfortable with it, so it's not over thinking it, it's muscle memory," said senior quarterback T.J. Roe.

"We call it the juice, get the juices flowing, get all the younger guys hyped up, and tell him to keep working hard," Simmons said.

Coach Seamann has taken note of all the hard work the players put in over the off-season.

"They have truly worked beyond hard this summer; in the weight room, going to camps, doing everything I've asked. We have great leadership, great work ethic from those bunch of kids," Seamann said.

Seamann believes the team will be successful if they have a strong running game.

"I think we're going to be a very well-balanced team. I think we have to be able to run the ball as consistent as we did last year. We need to do a better job running the ball against the better teams if we want to win districts, if we want to make the playoffs. We need to be able to run the ball, we need to be able to dominate up front like I know we can," Seamann said.

Senior tight end Logan Porter thinks the team will be solid, and has good communication, but needs to working on keeping their composure when games get tough.

"I think we can work on when things don't go our way, maybe not going south, and maybe keep our heads up," Porter said. "No matter what happens the entire game, we have to keep our heads up. Sometimes when people get touchdowns on us, we get kind of shaky, we just can't let that happen. We just have to stay solid the entire time and come back from whatever happens."

Simmons, as a senior leader, and protector on the offense, believes he needs continue to do his job, and make sure every one else does their job. He also believes the team will be well-balanced.

"I think we've pretty much got it covered, we're pretty solid coming into this year. I think we're going to be strong with everything; running, passing, with all of our communication, everything," Simmons.

Roe is entering his third year as the starting QB, and said the two years of experience he already has will help him be the best leader he can be this season.

"I stay relaxed for the most part. My sophomore year, that was my big thing, I wasn't relaxed. Junior year I kind of fit into it, but I got to the point where I was trying to make all the plays. This year, I just want to play the game. Whatever happens, just play my game. I don't want to worry about making every play. I'm going to mess up, that's just being human, I just want to play football," Roe said.

Roe is also a starter on defense, playing strong side safety. His offensive and defensive mindsets are nearly opposite.

"On offense, I've got to stay calm, so I keep my head on myself. On defense, it's just find ball, hit ball, I just want to be a football player. On offense, I've got to keep my head, otherwise I'll mess up. I get too aggressive, I get too antsy and make the wrong play, or I just get nervous," Roe said.

When asked what he hopes people will say about the team, and the senior players, after the season is finished, Roe said, "four years in the weight room, four years of getting our butts chewed, four years of taking the losses, taking the wins, and the lessons that come with them, and finally putting them together; those boys, they came up, and they worked hard, and they deserve the season they got."

The Eagles open their season hosting Paxton on Aug. 30.

Brady 2019 Schedule

Aug. 30: v Paxton

Sep. 13: @Leyton/Banner County

Sep. 20: v Axtell

Sep. 27: v Mullen

Oct. 4: @Wauneta-Palisade

Oct. 11: @Medicine Valley

Oct. 18: v Sandhills/Thedford

Oct. 24 @Maxwell

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