Pigskin preview: Mcpherson Co/ Stapleton Thunder

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TRYON, Neb.-- The Thunder return only four seniors and no juniors. In total, 26 of their 30 players are underclassmen. Many of whom getting a lot of playing time last year.

Due to the late merger between the Stapleton and Tryon programs they were only allowed to compete at the j.v level last year. This year marks their first year of varsity competition as a joint program.

However, they are ineligible for playoffs due to being three players over the allowed limit of 27 for six man football.

Head coach Luke Connell saying the desire is still their.

"That desire right, you know young kids, when you're working with young kids you have real high highs and real low lows but they definitely have the desire to be there and our starting quarterback was a freshman last year so he's coming back and an end and a running back. So, we're looking really good that way," says Connell.

Stapleton, Tryon kids we're basically the same we just want to play together and just be family," says Senior Maxon Frey.