Potters Pasture ready for those looking to spend time outdoors

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BRADY, Neb. (KNOP)- Potters Pasture was started by Steve Potter who passed away on November 24th of last year. Close friends Shae and Jeff Caldwell now look to carry on his legacy by continuing to maintain the area.

The front entrance the old campground at Potters Pasture. (Credit:Sam Pirozzi/KNOP-TV)

"It was his dream 25 years ago to have a place like this to ride," said Shae Caldwell. Shae would go on to say how Steve took it upon himself to find an area he could do what he loved.

"There really wasn't any place that he could go and ride, so he created one for himself."

That area has now turned into 32 square miles of open land for people to enjoy hiking, biking, camping and just spending time outdoors.

Jeff Caldwell said the area would not be what it has become without the support of local communities, who have put in countless hours of volunteer work to help maintain the land.

"Everybody's stepped up and have been coming here to volunteer, put in a lot of hours just cleaning up. Whether you're working up here or not, it's just a great time," said Jeff.