RPAC wrestling results

MAXWELL, Neb (KNOP) - Maxwell High School hosted the RPAC wrestling tournament.

Here are the results:

1st Place - Trevin Edwards of Loomis/Bertrand
2nd Place - Chet Fisher of Southern Valley
3rd Place - Colby Hoskovec of Wauneta-Palisade
4th Place - Tristan White of Arapahoe

1st Place - Jacob Hilmer of Loomis/Bertrand
2nd Place - Shane Horwart of Cambridge
3rd Place - Shane Schneider of Maxwell
4th Place - Hunter Keefer of Maxwell

1st Place - Brenden Warman of Dundy County-Stratton
2nd Place - Trevor Brown of Southern Valley
3rd Place - Matthew Wissink of Dundy County-Stratton
4th Place - Ashton Vargas of Arapahoe

1st Place - Joel Priest of Hitchcock County
2nd Place - Garrett Latimer of Southwest
3rd Place - Kaden Bonini of Medicine Valley
4th Place - Jacob Gholson of Maxwell

1st Place - Seth Hare of Hitchcock County
2nd Place - Jacob Kerns of Southwest
3rd Place - Cody Lambert of Southern Valley
4th Place - John Kenney of Loomis/Bertrand

1st Place - Brett Tryon of Southwest
2nd Place - John Lee of Arapahoe
3rd Place - Jaden Henderson of Medicine Valley
4th Place - Brenden McNulty of Maxwell

1st Place - Brett Riggs of Maxwell
2nd Place - Kaden Guerrero of Southwest
3rd Place - Shawn Anderson of Southern Valley
4th Place - Dominik Roberts of Arapahoe

1st Place - Ayden Molzahn of Alma
2nd Place - Matthew Van Pelt of Southwest
3rd Place - Dalton Whisenhunt of Maxwell
4th Place - Josh Paisley of Cambridge

1st Place - Derek Gibson of Maxwell
2nd Place - Joseph Felix of Alma
3rd Place - Jonah Shimmin of Arapahoe
4th Place - Chase Wiese of Dundy County-Stratton

1st Place - Tyson McCurdy of Alma
2nd Place - Dylan Davis-Mack of Medicine Valley
3rd Place - James Hargett of Southern Valley
4th Place - Joel Abramson of Loomis/Bertrand

1st Place - Daylan Russell of Alma
2nd Place - Drew Sprinkle of Cambridge
3rd Place - Tyler Wolfe of Maxwell
4th Place - Kaden Cole of Medicine Valley

1st Place - Austin Wolfe of Medicine Valley
2nd Place - Brock White of Loomis/Bertrand
3rd Place - Kayden Stubbs of Maxwell
4th Place - Ashton Smith of Maxwell

1st Place - Luke Howitt of Maxwell
2nd Place - Delton Haines of Dundy County-Stratton
3rd Place - Cameron Meyers of Arapahoe
4th Place - Keithen Huntley of Cambridge

1st Place - Levi Kerner of Arapahoe
2nd Place - Logan Kircher of Southwest
3rd Place - Remington Hodges of Hitchcock County
4th Place - Bryson Shoemaker of Southwest

Team Results
1. Maxwell 178
2. Alma 148
3. Southwest 132.5
4. Arapahoe 126
5. Southern Valley 112
6. Loomis/Bertrand 109
7. Medicine Valley 96
8. Dundy County-Stratton 84
9. Cambridge 82
10. Hitchcock County 68
11. Wauneta-Palisade 27
12. Paxton 0