Results from WTC-SPVA wrestling tournament

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BRIDGEPORT, Neb. (KNOP-TV) Results from WTC-SPVA wrestling tournament on Thursday, are below, categorized intro each weight class.

Hunter Cook of Hershey finished third in the 120 weight class. (Credit:John Clanton/KNEP-TV)

Weight Class 106
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Thomas (TC) Hughson of Mitchell
2nd Place - Matthew Johnson of Kimball
3rd Place - Wyatt Sachtjen of Hershey

Round 1
Matthew Johnson (Kimball) 8-16, Fr. over Wyatt Sachtjen (Hershey) 6-22, Fr. (Fall 1:19)

Round 2
Thomas (TC) Hughson (Mitchell) 19-15, Fr. over Wyatt Sachtjen (Hershey) 6-22, Fr. (Fall 0:39)

Round 3
Thomas (TC) Hughson (Mitchell) 19-15, Fr. over Matthew Johnson (Kimball) 8-16, Fr. (MD 11-2)

Weight Class 113
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Casey Benavides of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Gage Musser of Hershey
3rd Place - Traiton Starr of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Elijah Conley of Bridgeport

1st Place Match
Casey Benavides (Bridgeport) 29-0, Sr. over Gage Musser (Hershey) 34-5, Sr. (Dec 8-5)

3rd Place Match
Traiton Starr (Gordon/Rushville) 15-18, Fr. over Elijah Conley (Bridgeport) 9-16, Fr. (Fall 1:47)

Weight Class 120
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Chance Cooper of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Gabe Kohel of Morrill
3rd Place - Carsen Wilson of Hershey
4th Place - Coy Fleming of Bridgeport
1st Place Match
Chance Cooper (Bridgeport) 29-5, Jr. over Gabe Kohel (Morrill) 16-14, So. (Fall 0:15)
3rd Place Match
Carsen Wilson (Hershey) 7-13, Fr. over Coy Fleming (Bridgeport) 11-16, Fr. (Fall 4:05)

Weight Class 126
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Samuel Foster of Sutherland
2nd Place - Hadley Markowski of Mitchell
3rd Place - William Costello of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Keltin Vanarsdall of Hershey

1st Place Match
Samuel Foster (Sutherland) 36-0, So. over Hadley Markowski (Mitchell) 27-10, Jr. (Fall 3:26)

3rd Place Match
William Costello (Gordon/Rushville) 14-14, So. over Keltin Vanarsdall (Hershey) 15-22, Fr. (Fall 3:38)

Weight Class 132
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Carter Buchheit of Hemingford
2nd Place - Jon Peterka of Sutherland
3rd Place - Damien Bell of Bridgeport
4th Place - Hunter Kildow of Bayard
5th Place - Sam Frame of Hershey
6th Place - Connor Cluff of Kimball

1st Place Match
Carter Buchheit (Hemingford) 22-4, Sr. over Jon Peterka (Sutherland) 28-7, So. (Fall 3:41)

3rd Place Match
Damien Bell (Bridgeport) 26-14, Jr. over Hunter Kildow (Bayard) 22-18, Jr. (MD 12-2)

5th Place Match
Sam Frame (Hershey) 15-21, So. over Connor Cluff (Kimball) 18-16, Jr. (SV-1 5-3)

Weight 138
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kadin Perez of Mitchell
2nd Place - Jace Freeseman of Gordon/Rushville
3rd Place - Luke Honstein of Hemingford
4th Place - Beau Lake of Bayard
5th Place - Colton Pouk of Perkins Co
6th Place - Trey Schindler of Kimball

1st Place Match
Kadin Perez (Mitchell) 20-6, Jr. over Jace Freeseman (Gordon/Rushville) 22-14, Fr. (MD 15-4)

3rd Place Match
Luke Honstein (Hemingford) 16-10, Sr. over Beau Lake (Bayard) 8-11, So. (Fall 1:33)

5th Place Match
Colton Pouk (Perkins Co) 30-17, So. over Trey Schindler (Kimball) 21-16, Fr. (Fall 4:11)

Weight Class 145
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Trevor Widener of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Jake Chasek of Mitchell
3rd Place - Hunter Cook of Hershey
4th Place - Joseph Burris of Kimball
5th Place - Keagan Hitchcock of Hemingford
6th Place - Bryder Hickey of Perkins Co

1st Place Match
Trevor Widener (Bridgeport) 35-3, Jr. over Jake Chasek (Mitchell) 15-7, Jr. (Dec 8-3)
3rd Place Match
Hunter Cook (Hershey) 28-17, So. over Joseph Burris (Kimball) 5-10, Sr. (Fall 1:53)
5th Place Match
Keagan Hitchcock (Hemingford) 7-24, Fr. over Bryder Hickey (Perkins Co) 12-14, Jr. (Fall 0:36)

Weight Class 152
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Steven Menke of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Christian Leonard of Bayard
3rd Place - Tegan Snyder of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Dawson Mollender of Chase Co

1st Place Match
Steven Menke (Bridgeport) 18-2, So. over Christian Leonard (Bayard) 20-9, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match
Tegan Snyder (Gordon/Rushville) 17-15, So. over Dawson Mollender (Chase Co) 14-16, Fr. (Fall 3:57)

Weight Class 160
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Tyler Coleman of Hemingford
2nd Place - Conner Halverson of Gordon/Rushville
3rd Place - Caden Knutson of Mitchell
4th Place - Jeremiah Seamann of Hershey

1st Place Match
Tyler Coleman (Hemingford) 27-8, Sr. over Conner Halverson (Gordon/Rushville) 8-3, Sr. (Dec 5-2)

3rd Place Match
Caden Knutson (Mitchell) 8-9, Jr. over Jeremiah Seamann (Hershey) 9-14, So. (Dec 8-6)

Weight Class 170
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Josh Warren of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Talan McGill of North Platte St Pats
3rd Place - Trendon Starr of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Alex Neefe of Hemingford

1st Place Match
Josh Warren (Bridgeport) 36-4, Jr. over Talan McGill (North Platte St Pats) 32-7, Sr. (Dec 5-2)

3rd Place Match
Trendon Starr (Gordon/Rushville) 23-17, Sr. over Alex Neefe (Hemingford) 16-19, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

Weight Class 182
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Trevor Peterson of Chase Co
2nd Place - Gavin White of Sutherland
3rd Place - Justin Schroll of North Platte St Pats
4th Place - Bryce Seier of Morrill

1st Place Match
Trevor Peterson (Chase Co) 36-2, Sr. over Gavin White (Sutherland) 31-10, So. (Fall 1:02)

3rd Place Match
Justin Schroll (North Platte St Pats) 30-11, So. over Bryce Seier (Morrill) 22-14, Jr. (Dec 8-6)

Weight Class 195
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Nicholas Coley of Mitchell
2nd Place - Jake Sellman of Hemingford
3rd Place - Eric Halsted of Hershey
4th Place - Landon Nichols of North Platte St Pats

1st Place Match
Nicholas Coley (Mitchell) 24-8, Sr. over Jake Sellman (Hemingford) 27-15, Sr. (Dec 5-1)

3rd Place Match
Eric Halsted (Hershey) 16-25, So. over Landon Nichols (North Platte St Pats) 17-16, So. (Dec 9-7)

Weight Class 220
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Brandon Knoles of Perkins Co
2nd Place - Nathan Coley of Mitchell
3rd Place - Tanner Hirsch of Bayard
4th Place - Devon McCreery of Hershey

1st Place Match
Brandon Knoles (Perkins Co) 39-11, Jr. over Nathan Coley (Mitchell) 19-10, Jr. (Dec 9-2)

3rd Place Match
Tanner Hirsch (Bayard) 3-6, So. over Devon McCreery (Hershey) 13-23, So. (Fall 3:00)

Weight Class 285
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Colt Rodgers of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Stephen Bateman of Kimball
3rd Place - Riley Snyder of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Ashton Meyer of Perkins Co

1st Place Match
Colt Rodgers (Bridgeport) 31-5, Jr. over Stephen Bateman (Kimball) 22-11, Sr. (Fall 3:34)

3rd Place Match
Riley Snyder (Gordon/Rushville) 10-8, Sr. over Ashton Meyer (Perkins Co) 28-17, So. (Dec 5-1)