Sisters Go Intercontinental for Nebraska Volleyball Camp

OGALLALA, Neb. (KNOP)--- It's must be very flattering for a program that you've been dedicated to for decades is recommended by coaches from across the world.

"This is actually my 40th year of doing camps across that state and well the Midwest actually," said Ogallala head volleyball coach Steve Morgan.

Coach Morgan holds volleyball camps at Ogallala High School every summer. But this year he had two special campers who traveled a long way just for his experience.

"It's about 17 hours. It was nice to get off and stop traveling for a long time, but then to come here we had to ride in the car for two days," said 9-year-old camper Sierra Kennett.

Asia and Sierra Kennett are originally from Texas but for the past several years their family has lived in Kazakhstan.

"My dad's an oilman and we live right by the Caspian sea where they found a giant thing of oil so we got shipped over there," said 13-year-old Asia.

Sierra said, "Other people are like, 'So where are you from?' Umm Kazakhstan."

Morgan said, "When I heard originally that we were going to have two girls coming from the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, I thought someone was playing a huge joke on me, I really did. Even when I received the application forms, I didn't believe it."

Steve Morgan has 43 consecutive winning seasons under his belt, three state championships, four state runner ups and 30 state tournament appearances.

"Actually our Atyrau coach recommended this one and I think he's a really good coach," said Sierra.

"Our record was Canada, we'd have kids come from Canada every now and then, not very many of course, but we've had them from all over but like I said, this was a total surprise," said Morgan.

And the Kennett sisters said they've really enjoyed their time in Nebraska.

"I came last year, and it was tons of fun and when I came back, my coach was like 'Man you must have been working all summer or something!' And I mean the people here are amazing and you just improve greatly and have tons of fun," said Asia.

Sierra said, "It's hard but it's really fun."

"They're very well accepted. The kids love them, they love the kids, and they said that this is the camp that they wanted to come to and that makes all of us pretty proud," said Morgan.