South Loup Invite results

CALLAWAY, Neb. (KNOP) - Results from Friday's South Loup Wrestling Invite from Callaway:

Logan Peterson of South Loup during his first round win on Friday afternoon. (Credit:Sam Pirozzi/KNOP-TV)

1st Place - Eli Lanham of Plainview
2nd Place - Ashton Dane of Plainview
3rd Place - Eli Paxton of Mullen
4th Place - Nolan Osborn of Twin Loup

1st Place - Zach Dickau of Hi-Line
2nd Place - Scout Ashburn of Plainview
3rd Place - Gage Musser of Hershey
4th Place - Logan Peterson of South Loup

1st Place - Koby Smith of Elm Creek
2nd Place - Kyler Mosel of Plainview
3rd Place - Ethan Atkins of Sumner-Eddyville-Miller
4th Place - Hadden Kuck of Palmer

1st Place - Samuel Foster of Sutherland
2nd Place - Tanner Frahm of Plainview
3rd Place - Kyle Durfee of Mullen
4th Place - Timmy Smith of Hi-Line

1st Place - Jeremy Larson of Brady
2nd Place - Ruger Reimers of Palmer
3rd Place - Carson Gruntorad of Elm Creek
4th Place - Keagan Mosel of Plainview

1st Place - Nate Christensen of Plainview
2nd Place - Dustin Klingsporn of Axtell
3rd Place - Xavier Perez of Elm Creek
4th Place - Slate Micheel of Twin Loup

1st Place - Cooper Coons of Twin Loup
2nd Place - Hunter Cook of Hershey
3rd Place - Roy Guzman of Palmer
4th Place - Bode Wortman of Plainview

1st Place - Colby Coons of Twin Loup
2nd Place - Will Gunning of Plainview
3rd Place - Kade Bottorf of Twin Loup
4th Place - Remington Gay of Palmer

1st Place - Conner Schutz of Hi-Line
2nd Place - Blake Racicky of Ansley-Litchfield
3rd Place - Reece Zutavern of Sandhills-Thedford
4th Place - Triston Stearns of Brady

1st Place - Alizae Mejia of Plainview
2nd Place - Hunter Arehart of Ansley-Litchfield
3rd Place - Gunner Reimers of Palmer
4th Place - Talan McGill of North Platte St. Pats

1st Place - Bryan Zutavern of Sandhills-Thedford
2nd Place - Kolby Larson of Ansley-Litchfield
3rd Place - Riley Kessler of Mullen
4th Place - Lucas Hammer of Plainview

1st Place - Ty Kvanvig of Mullen
2nd Place - Tyler Wolfe of Sandhills Valley
3rd Place - Chase Swartwood of Elm Creek
4th Place - Cauy Bennett of Hi-Line

1st Place - Collin Gale of Plainview
2nd Place - Clayton Hassett of Mullen
3rd Place - Carsen Reiners of Hi-Line
4th Place - Devon McCreery of Hershey

1st Place - Brayton Branic of Sandhills-Thedford
2nd Place - Brendon Hall of Sumner-Eddyville-Miller
3rd Place - Karter Moore of Ansley-Litchfield
4th Place - Thomas Kirby of Axtell