Southwest Wrestling Conference Tournament 2020 Results

Ogallala hosted the Southwest Wrestling Conference Tournament. (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)
Ogallala hosted the Southwest Wrestling Conference Tournament. (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)(KNOP)
Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 4:45 PM CST
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Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Lane Russell of Broken Bow

2nd Place - Casey Miller of Valentine

3rd Place - John Stanley of Gothenburg

4th Place - Bryson Bussinger of Cozad

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Cole Stokey of Ogallala

2nd Place - Cayden Lamb of Valentine

3rd Place - Wilson Cucul Tzin of Broken Bow

4th Place - Jayson Simpson of Minden


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Trey Garey of Broken Bow

2nd Place - Ashton Lurz of Valentine

3rd Place - Evan Smith of Minden

4th Place - Corbyn Sattler of Gothenburg


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Casey Faulkenberry of Broken Bow

2nd Place - Chris Williams of Valentine

3rd Place - Hunter Heath of Minden

4th Place - Isaac White of Cozad


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Schylar Campbell of Broken Bow

2nd Place - Abe Mendez of Gothenburg

3rd Place - Cody Miller of Valentine

4th Place - Jon Brais of Minden


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Gage Krolikowski of Valentine

2nd Place - Brecken Loftin of Cozad

3rd Place - Ty Conroy of Ainsworth

4th Place - Nate Renner of McCook


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Morgan McGinley of Valentine

2nd Place - Tate Felber of McCook

3rd Place - Gage Stokey of Ogallala

4th Place - Brendan Libich of Gothenburg


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Cameron Zink of Ogallala

2nd Place - Drake Janssen of Valentine

3rd Place - Landon Towne of McCook

4th Place - Alex Banuelos of Minden


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Chase Olson of Valentine

2nd Place - Eduardo Gonzalez of Minden

3rd Place - Alex Anthony of McCook

4th Place - Riley Baker of Gothenburg


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Brock Skinner of Ogallala

2nd Place - Eli Boryca of Cozad

3rd Place - Isaiah Young of Gothenburg

4th Place - Jaron Brown of Minden


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Lathan Duda of Broken Bow

2nd Place - Hunter DeVoe of Ogallala

3rd Place - Daulton Kuehn of Minden

4th Place - Trenton Peterson of Gothenburg


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Alec Langan of McCook

2nd Place - Sage Schrunk of Valentine

3rd Place - Bo Edmond of Ogallala

4th Place - Jordan Cole of Minden


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Cade Stott of Cozad

2nd Place - Keifer Anderson of Broken Bow

3rd Place - Colton Donason of Ogallala


Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Reid Steinbeck of McCook

2nd Place - Tyler Thomas of Broken Bow

3rd Place - Steven Fullerton of Valentine

4th Place - Ethan Libich of Gothenburg

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