State horseshoe championships features two playoff matches

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - For the sixth year, North Platte hosted the Nebraska State Horseshoe Championships. The event was held this weekend at Cody Park.

North Platte thrower, and defending Men's 40 foot champion, Marcus Thomsen finished as the first runner up in 2019 (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

The Elder's championship, as well as the Men's 40 foot championship, were decided by a playoff match.

In the Elder's playoff, Doc Roberts, of McGrew, played against Fay Kapke, of Lincoln. The two faced each other earlier in the day, with Kapke getting the win 40-31, but Roberts won the playoff with a score of 31-23.

For the 85-year-old Roberts, this year was his first competing in the 30 foot competition, and is his first win.

After the match, both Roberts and Kapke said they love the camaraderie of competing in horseshoes.

"I just beat ol' Fay, and he's not even mad at me, that's just the way it is. I'll probably be here next year, even if they wouldn't have let me win this year," Roberts said.

"The companionship, a lot of these guys, you only see them once a year, maybe twice, and it's a great ol' buddy-buddy type thing," Kapke said.

When asked how it feels to win his first championship, Roberts said, "I don't feel much different," laughing.

In the Men's 40 foot championship, North Platte pitcher, and defending champion, Marcus Thomsen faced Monroe's Allen Stenzel. Like Roberts and Kapke, Thomsen and Stezel also faced each other earlier in the day, with Thomsen winning 42-20.

In the playoff, both pitchers were in the zone, trading ringers, but Stenzel did prevail, winning 41-21.

Stenzel's win was also his first. After the win, Stenzel said, "It feels good. It's been a long time. Marcus and I played when we were in juniors. Last time we played like this was in the same settings. I've been second, third, and fourth for about six years. I really like coming out here. We have a good time every time I come out here."

Men's 40 foot
1. Allen Stenzel
2. Marcus Thomsen
3. Cole Pearson
4. Jordan Smith
5. Mike Thomsen
6. Joe Thomsen
7. Dan Bailey
8. Jake Berg
9. Kelly Petersen
10. Seth Limbach
11. Chris Standing Bear
12. Gary Berg

1. Elaine Drozd
2. Krystal Gabel
3. Alexa Wysocki
4. Lyn Booker
5. Stephanie Barry

1. Delmar 'Doc' Roberts
2. Fay Kapke
3. Don Branting
4. John Wemhoff
5. Ron Welsh

1. Braxton Richards (Junior Boys Champion)
2. Porter Connick (Junior Boys, 2nd)
3. Ladik Husted (Junior Boys, 3rd)
4. Lisa Stromberg (Junior Girls Champion)
5. Gage Ellenwood (Cadet Champion)
6. Marley Thomsen (Cadet 2nd)
7. Emma Thomsen (Cadet 3rd)
8. Adaleigh Richards (Cadet 4th)