Swedberg ready for jump to varsity coach

MAXWELL, Neb. (KNOP) - Lane Swedberg is the new head girls' basketball coach at Maxwell High School. Swedberg is a graduate of Wallace High School, and has coached middle school girls' basketball in North Platte the last four years.

Lane Swedberg is the new Maxwell girls' basketball coach, having spent the last four years as a middle school coach in North Platte. (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

"He's going to be a player's coach, we know the girls are going to love playing for him," said Maxwell Activities Director Ryan Jones. "With Lane's, background not only in coaching, but being from the area, he knows the schools he's going to be competing against, and he knows a lot of the coaches he'll be coaching against."

Swedberg comes from a family of basketball players; each of his five siblings played basketball at Wallace, his dad coached for Wallace, and his oldest brother is an assistant coach at Minden High School.

"Some of the best times growing up were getting a little game of three on three in the backyard, and throwing some elbows," Swedberg laughed, "So, those are some of the best memories of getting to love the sport of basketball, and I'm just excited to be able to share that passion with other people."

Jones believes having experience coaching at the middle school level will help him for the varsity experience.

"I've said if you if you could coach middle school sports, you could about coach anything. You've got to be extremely organized, you've got to have a plan every day, to not only make the maybe the top person on the squad better, but also the kid that's 50th. When you when you gain that experience as a young coach, I think that helps when you advance in your career" Jones said.

Swedberg is excited to make the jump to varsity coach, but knows he will need to make adjustments.

"There is a certain level of intensity that comes with being a varsity coach and being varsity players. So, that's going to be a little bit of a challenge to adjust to, but I'm excited to see what that looks like, and I'm excited to work along with my new assistant coach and the girls that have had that experience for many years," Swedberg said.

Swedberg knows his assistant coach, Annie Seamann, will be a big help to him. Seamann has already been at Maxwell for a year, and the two worked together when Seamann was the freshman basketball coach in North Platte.

"He knows she's a major part of the program," Jones said. "He knows that she knows the girls already, and we felt he was really excited about moving forward with what coach Schuett has already done for the program last three years and and that was a big reason why we feel comfortable with Lane taking over."

"Coach Seamann will be a big part of that, because she's known the program for a year now, and knows the girls. She's going to be a good resource for me as I move into this position," Swedberg said.

The Maxwell head coaching job will be Swedberg's first opportunity as a varsity head coach, and he is excited to get started.

"I think the thing I'm most excited about is just to kind of see what we're capable of doing. I think we're going to challenge ourselves with two things going into the season; first thing is everyday that you come to practice, you come and you are working on finding ways you're going to get better, and two; ways you can make the person next to you better as well. If you're doing that every single day you can only move forward," Swedberg said. so I'm excited to see how the girls take that as a challenge and see what they can do with it. If they really buy into it, I think we can see tremendous growth."