VB: St. Pat's vs. Paxton

PAXTON, Neb. (KNOP)--- North Platte St. Pat's traveling to Paxton.
Starting things off in the first set, the Irish find themselves pulling away.
Faith Kennicutt sets up Trista Detmer, she punches it over.
Kaleigh Kummer sending it back over with some force and Tigers send it out. St. Pat's leads 23-12.

Then Makayla Jenkins pushing it up to Kennicutt.
Tipping the net, it comes back to Paxton and the ref rules that four touches for the Tigers. 24-12 Irish.

Kennicutt slamming it down, Brooke McClellen with the save. Abbi Allberry sends it out and Paxton trailing 24-13.

Set point: Jasmine Burch tapping it up, Callie Groseth sliding in and Kummer palms it shallow.

North Platte would win in straight sets 3-0.