VB: Sutherland vs. NP St. Pat's

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)--- North Platte St. Pat's playing the Sutherland Sailors.

Jumping in on the second set here, Faith Stewart gets it past the block, Irish getting the tip on it and it falls in. St. Pat's can't get to it.
Sailors up 4--1.

Erica Hopping knocking it over, Hayley Homan is there.
Then Calli Groseth with the sneaky tip back over the net catching Sutherland off guard.
7--6 Irish.

Emma Wareham here with the nice diving save, Bonnie Naughtin also trying to keep it up. Finally Hopping with a quick hand on it to go over the net but Homan from the outside with the kill.
10--7 St. Pat's.

Irish win in straight sets 3--nothing over Sutherland.