WTC-SPVA wrestling tournament results

The WTC-SPVA wrestling tournament was hosted at Bridgeport high school Thursday, here are the results:

1st Place - Samuel Foster of Sutherland
2nd Place - Casey Benavides of Bridgeport
3rd Place - Robert Reina of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Landon Klasna of North Platte St Pats

1st Place - Matt Bruns of Hershey
2nd Place - Jon Peterka of Sutherland
3rd Place - William Costello of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Megan Shaw of Mitchell

1st Place - Gage Musser of Hershey
2nd Place - Jacob Dalbey of Bayard
3rd Place - Chance Cooper of Bridgeport
4th Place - Colton Pouk of Perkins Co

1st Place - Hunter Deeds of North Platte St Pats
2nd Place - Sam Frame of Hershey
3rd Place - Hunter Kildow of Bayard
4th Place - Caden Waitley of Perkins Co

126 B
1st Place - Jose Verdugo of Morrill
2nd Place - Juan Ruiz of Chase Co
3rd Place - Bruce Zogg of Sutherland

1st Place - Max Palomo of Mitchell
2nd Place - Jacob Lantis of Sutherland
3rd Place - Drake Brewer of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Kenyan Biesecker of Chase Co

1st Place - Trevor Widener of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Hunter Cook of Hershey
3rd Place - Kolton Kriha of Bayard
4th Place - Luke Honstein of Hemingford

1st Place - Steven Menke of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Gavin White of Sutherland
3rd Place - Christian Leonard of Bayard
4th Place - Isaiah Bryner of Hemingford

1st Place - William White of Sutherland
2nd Place - Hayden Hoos of Gordon/Rushville
3rd Place - Josh Warren of Bridgeport
4th Place - Tyler Coleman of Hemingford

1st Place - Conner Halverson of Gordon/Rushville
2nd Place - Colten Ballentine of Hershey
3rd Place - Jace Wid of Perkins Co
4th Place - Bryce Seier of Morrill

1st Place - Trevor Peterson of Chase Co
2nd Place - Nathaniel Cooper of Bridgeport
3rd Place - Talan McGill of North Platte St Pats
4th Place - Alex Neefe of Hemingford

1st Place - Charles Lang of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Kaden Vincent of Gordon/Rushville
3rd Place - Justin Schroll of North Platte St Pats
4th Place - Izaak Rohde of Kimball

1st Place - Karsen Hunter of Bayard
2nd Place - Evan Fisher of Chase Co
3rd Place - Nathan Coley of Mitchell
4th Place - Jake Sellman of Hemingford

1st Place - Cade Payne of Hemingford
2nd Place - Nicholas Coley of Mitchell
3rd Place - Riley Snyder of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Travis Rowley of Chase Co

1st Place - Emillio Perez of Perkins Co
2nd Place - Keegan Weiss of Mitchell
3rd Place - Stephen Bateman of Kimball
4th Place - Ryan Bickel of Gordon/Rushville

Team Results
1. Bridgeport 254
2. Gordon/Rushville 203
3. Mitchell 167.5
4. Hershey 162
5. Sutherland 161.5
6. Bayard 147
7. North Platte St Pats 128
8. Hemingford 126
9. Chase Co 121.5
10. Perkins Co 105
11. Kimball 55
12. Morrill 13