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Nebraska news is important to Nebraskans. It's been a historic year with deadly flooding, non-stop severe weather, layoffs affecting local families and more.

KNOP-TV General Manager, Shannon Booth, says, "Nebraskans want local TV stations delivering the news, telling the stories important to them. Not newscasts out of Denver or the east or west coast."

Thirty years ago, when the satellite television industry was in its infancy, Congress created a law - today known as the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Renewal (STELAR) - to temporarily give the satellite companies a significantly discounted copyright license that allowed them to better compete with the big cable monopolies of the day. This was at a time when there were millions of Americans who could not receive their local broadcast stations over the air, from cable, or from satellite. On a temporary basis, Congress allowed the satellite companies to serve those households with a broadcast station operating hundreds of miles outside of the local community, typically from a major city, so viewers could at least receive national network programming. To this day, many viewers are still receiving these subsidized “distant signals” even though local signals, which contain the most popular national network programming plus local news, weather, and emergency programming, are readily available.

Booth says, "The time has come to stop the satellite company subsidies and let us provide Nebraska news, weather, and emergency information to the people of Nebraska."

She says viewers should tell their Congressional senators and representatives to let this legislation expire and force satellite companies to carry local signals instead of importing channels from hundreds of miles away. Share your thoughts by taking the survey below.

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