2016 Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo

North Platte, Neb. (KNOPTV) The 25th annual Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo got underway with a short delay Wednesday morning.

Officials say they are expecting between three to five thousand people over the next two days.

"The next two days are about showcasing what is available for our farmers and ranchers in their respective industries to help them do better what they do for a living," said Hans Julius, Chairman of the Agri-Business Committee for the North Platte Chamber and Development Corporation.

Which is why more than 100 vendors from Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska will pack into the D&N Event Center to showcase the latest in the ag industry.

"Precision technology and GPS equipment, all of those things are starting to come a long way," said Precision Planting technician Josh Bode.

Bode says while electric drive meters and hydraulic cylinders are not new to the industry, it is a concept more and more farmers are buying into.

"Just to have a system that can actively control and manage your planter. It's a seven to eleven bushel gain, on average, sometimes more depending on the current situation and condition of your own planter," said Bode.

"My sixty two year old father runs this system flawlessly, but yet, maybe he doesn't necessarily enjoy life on a personal computer or i-Phone, but he feels this is very user friendly and it also gives him a piece of mind that he is doing a good job when he is out in the field," Bode said

Also doing a good job, are drones.

In fact, Lashley Land brokers and IT technicians say drones are taking their real estate marketing to new heights.

"A year ago, Lashley Land would get 1,500 hits per month and now they get 16,000 hits per month on their website," said sales associate Will McBride.

And while the company has only been using drones for less than two years, It's a change they had to make in order to stay relevant in the industry.

"If you wanted to sell your property to the guy next door then you wouldn't involve a broker you would just go next door and say, "hey, you want to buy this?" But if you want to get someone, potentially an investor from New York or California and purchase your ground, you need to find a broker who has the marketing capability to reach those individuals," said Lashley Land IT Technician Brian Johnston.