A Recycling Success Story

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Last June ABC recycling open shop in North Platte. The recycling center is geared toward businesses and agricultural recycling.
ABC has been in business for about six months and so far it has been a big success.

Pamela Pacheco the owner of the business say they have doubled and in some cases tripled their business since its inception. Pacheco says North Platte was a perfect place for the business and the brisk they are doing shows the need for this type of recycling center.

Pacheco says, "We are excited that we have been well received here.
People are excited. It is very positive. People want us to succeed. They are always calling and asking, "Can I recycle this or that?" We want to be that first call because there are a lot of things that we can recycle that were not being recycled before."

One of the businesses making using of ABC recycling is Ag Valley Co–op. Kent Weems the general Manager of the co–op says they do not have to take some of their material out of town. He adds they can now recycle some of their material instead of taking it to the landfill.

Ag valley General Manager Kent Weems says, "We were really glad to see Pamela come to town with this operation because now we have a place to go with some of my recyclables. We didn't have a venue to go in the past. We couldn't recycle elevator caps that we use to elevate grain with and pesticide jugs that are rinsed properly and cut up. We are really pleased to have these folks as our neighbors."

ABC has recycled 250–thousand pounds of recyclables. If you are a business or ag producer interested in recycling at ABC you can call 221–6223 or email Pamela at ABC recycling co.com