KIDS Klub Makes Science Fun

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Exothermic reactions, those are the first things that comes to many children's minds when they think about science... But they might not think of them in the scientific terms.

"!" said six-year old Tiernan Vyhnalek.

"It was like fshheww!" said classmate Lukas Fisher after seeing a demonstration about how a jet engine might work.

It's an easy way to get kids interested in science experiments, the hard part is keeping them interested in science.

"We hook them in with fire and explosions!" said KIDS Klub Director Carrie Lienemann.

The KIDS Klub had no problems finding cool ways to teach different aspects of science by bringing in members from the Strategic Air and Space Museum to help out with Expanded Learning Opportunies Week.

"They've rotated every 30 minutes through something new and exciting and it's just been a really jam-packed day." said Lienemann.

Tiernan loves his exothermic reactions, but he and his team found a new love for science by building the alleged fastest robot train in the class, which they've named...

"Robot Gary!" said Tiernan. "He's like a submarine and he's from Spongebob!"

Even if their robot isn't really the fastest, Tiernan and his team walked away from the Science Olympiad with a new appreciation for science, which is the real goal of the day.

"I'm really into science." added Tiernan.