Prairie View Pre K - 8th Dedication

Ogallala, Neb KNOPTV -- It's gone before the voters four times and the fourth time was a charm.

Residents gathered for a dedication and tour at Prairie View Elementary and Middle School in Ogallala Tuesday.

The school board district began construction of the $14.9 million dollar project two years ago.

The project combines all elementary schools and the middle school into one building.

Although the bond was rejected by voters three different times faculty, staff, parents and students say it is a much needed project.

"The foundation in the middle school everything was falling apart. The stair cases were really rough and dangerous," said Ogallala High School Sophomore Madison Miller.

"Some of the stuff that was going to be needed would probably just close the school down because it would cost too much; it would be cost prohibited," said Diana Miller.

Although teachers and students are moved in, there is still work to be done.

"As you look outside we have some landscaping and ground work to do. I'm anxious to get the grass planted and some of those things. The interior of the building is completed and it's a great feeling to have kids attending school," said Ogallala Public School District Superintendent.