School Board Approves New Member And Raises

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Alecia Hothan became the newest board member at Monday's board meeting, winning over Matthew Pederson.

Hothan will be filling the ward #3 position left by Kimberly Kaschke back in December. After Hothan joined the board, they accepted a bid for $76 thousand to pay for new speakers for North Platte High's gym. That money will be coming out of the depreciation fund.

Teachers also brought up a negotiation that was approved for a one thousand dollar base raise for the next two school years.

"I think we have an agreement that when we're trying to fill these positions and advertise them throughout the state." said Special Education Teacher Christie Copper. "I think that's something that we can be very proud of and looking at that so we can pull in these highly qualified teachers that we want for our kids."

The raises don't just stop with the teachers. Based on Superintendent Ron Hanson's performance since when he joined in the summer, he has been approved for a $10 thousand raise. His salary will move from $185 to $195 thousand. His salary is all-inclusive with benefits only going to Medicare, FICA, retirement, and possibly a cell phone stipend.