Snow Equipment Is Flying Off The Shelves

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Ace hardware's stock of shovels and snowblowers is next to nonexistant. it's walls are pretty much bare. Ever since the storm was announced, people have been coming in to be sure they're prepared to face the weather.

More snow shovels will arrive Thursday at Ace Hardware, but the store doesn't know how many they'll be getting.
Right now, they only have three snow blowers left, a handful of snow shovels, and zero bags of ice melt.
The ice melt sold out Monday night before the storm.

Shovels are the number one device people use to move snow, but the snow blower becomes more popular when shovels get stolen or people get older.

"Sometimes people get tired of the shoveling and they decide "I'm going to go ahead and spend the money on a snow blower. I've had it."" Said Ace Hardware Owner Donna Parks.

Snow blowers are a little more costly than shovels ranging from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.

If you don't hate using a shovel, it might be better to stick with the five dollar and up price tag.

Doctors say if you use a shovel take breaks and don't overdo it or you could end up having a heart attack.