The Cowboy Capital's Front Street Gets An Upgrade

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In 1963 Darlan Rezac and four others built Front Street to be a salute to cowboys. They wanted to show off cowboy artifacts and just be a fun wild west experience.

"Ogallala's the cowboy capital." said Rezac. "We've got a lot of cowboy history. It's just the right thing for our town and it definitley was important."

Aside from lake McConaughy, Front Street is the biggest tourist attraction in Ogallala with around 50 thousand people visiting each year.

"Well, it's a main icon here, because people have been coming here for so many years and so many people have been here to the show." said Rezac. "And then we get added as an asset to the lake traffic suring the summer."

Time can do a lot of damage to a building. After 52 years, the paint on Front Street started to fade away. So much, it started to look like an old western town itself.

"Well, old style is fine, but the boards have to have some protection." said Rezac. "The stain and paint just blisters off after a period of time, so you have to redo them."

To make the building look new, they restained, repainted and put a new cowboy sign out on the street.

"So it wouldn't look run down." said Rezac. "You've got to upgrade everything. It's just like a new car with a new grill, you know?"

Rezac would like to find someone to take over Front Street in the future and he knows it will come with changes.

"If someone buys something, why, they have a new set of ideas and it gives the area a new shot in the arm!" said Rezac.

Until then he'll keep preserving the tradition he and his friends established.