Union Pacific Helps Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Prevent Railroad Crossing Accidents

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A Quick Decision that could change your life forever.

Chief Deputy Roland Kramer of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office says, "sometimes people get in a hurry and they have to get kids to school late for work and sometimes they make a bad decision and we just want people to be safe and that's what the union pacific wants as well."

Lincoln County Sheriffs Office received a grant through Union Pacific to work with special agents on grade crossing violations throughout the county.

"We have several crossings and in Lincoln County that we see that could be dangerous and theres peak times that we would like to give some extra patrol to those crossings," says Chief Deputy Kramer.

The Commissioners voted Monday to approve overtime for a few officers because they believe that safety is extremely important.

Joe Hewgley, County Board Chairman adds, "whenever you have a crossing and a potential loss of life its an important safety issue."

"Hershey has two crossings, Sutherland still has a crossing, and we would probably focus our attention on high traffic times such as people going to work in the morning or when it really gets backed up when its time for school" says Chief Deputy Kramer.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office has one year to use this money but would like to get started very quickly.

"We're really happy to get this grant and if we can reduce one accident, I think we've really done something," says Chief Deputy Kramer.

The Sheriff's office says the fine of crossing the tracks is $100 and then $48 in court costs, but saving a life is greater than any price you could pay.