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Live Streaming Schedule

*newscasts will not be streamed when on-air programming is preempted

-NBC Nebraska Today – Monday-Friday at 6am

-Midday Show – Monday-Friday at 11:30am

-News 2 at 6 – Monday-Saturday at 6pm

-News 2 at 10 – Sunday-Saturday at 10pm


The screen is black and when I click the play button it brings up a screen that says "Live Stream Unavailable - Please check back later". What do I do?
This means the live stream has not started yet. Each live stream is set to start exactly when the show begins on TV. Please see the schedule below for live streaming times. If you still don't see video a couple minutes after the show begins please refresh the page and try clicking the play button again.

The video is constantly starting and stopping (buffering). Is there anything I can do?
This may be due to a slow internet connection. For an explanation of what may be happening please click HERE. If you have determined that the issues are not due to your internet connection please feel free to contact us at